5 Albums for Your Summer Playlist 2016

Music by the pool 2016Summer is right around the corner. It is time to clean out / fill up the pool, book your annual vacation, and unbury the bathing suits from the back of the closet. It is also time to get ready for a new season of summer music. Here are a few albums coming out during the summer that will help you get pumped during those carefree, warm summer days.


Tegan and Sara- Love You To Death: Tegan and Sara’s ever-evolving sound is sure to delight and surprise you on those sunny afternoons. Their techno-infused music is fun and lyrics are honest and relatable.  Their synthpop, new wave song “Boyfriend” has already hit the charts and received a lot of airtime, promising their new album to be great for summer. Coming June 3. Continue reading “5 Albums for Your Summer Playlist 2016”


Before You Dump Those Old CDs…

Think before you dump those music gems

It is officially spring cleaning season and with this time comes opportunity to rediscover all the old music stored in your attic, basement, closet, that stack of CDs in the corner of your bedroom that’s been there for years, etc. This can be a blessing and a curse: if you’re like me, you will want to blast all the old CDs and records you forgot you had, which is fantastic fun but also very time consuming. Yet, there is something magical about rediscovering the albums you once loved. It brings you back to a certain time in life: the nostalgic emotions of the time rush through with thoughts of something you may have forgotten until a song triggered the memory.

Spring cleaning may inspire the feeling to dump everything that you do not frequently use. If you are particularly adamant on getting rid of old music, at very least do not throw them away.  There could be someone out there searching for something you have and would get great joy on taking something in you no longer want. Individual records, and even cassettes now thanks to the trendy 90’s nostalgia that’s currently happening, can be sold for decently high prices on Ebay, if you’re looking to make a little cash. You may be sitting on a goldmine and do not even realize it. Music can also be donated to your local library and Salvation Army, if you cannot sell your items or would prefer them to go to a good cause.  If you are able to, maybe hang on to your music to pass done to future generations. There is no greater gift than the gift of music, and helping kids create moments with the sounds you love is particularly special.

Deciding on where you want your old music to go should really be your second step, though. This spring, before pitching those old CDs, records, or maybe cassettes and 8-track tapes, in the dumpster you rent every year (seriously, how do we accumulate so much stuff so fast?), listen to them. Remember where you were at that moment in your life. Reflect on the power that music has had in your past and present, and get excited for what it will bring to your future. There is nothing more moving than being able to mentally transfer yourself back to a place purely because of song. You may be surprised at what you find.


It’s 2016 Music Festival Time!

SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY
SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY Home of Music Festivals in Upstate New York

It’s getting to be that time of the year again: festival season. Music festival lineups and dates are being announced daily, and a few new ones are being developed to join classics like Coachella and Lollapalooza. Festival season is exciting for adventurous music fans, but can be intimidating for some.  Yet a music festival is something every type of music fan should experience. It is not for people who fit in the same music fan box.

Music festivals are an essential experience for anyone who is a fan of music and the arts. There are hundreds of festivals across the nation, both large and small and somewhere in between, that cover everything from rock to EDM to folk to a combination of every kind of music you can imagine. Locations are just as varied as musical genres. Whether it’s in the mountains, the woods, on a beach, in a parking lot, in the middle of an open field, festivals carry unique physical atmospheres as well.

Festivals are made for people from across the board. Celebrity sightings are common and people travel all over the country and even the world to have the opportunity to see several of their favorite artists in the right place. They give the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or someone you love to something extraordinary. Everyone deserves to be spoiled now and then. Arrive or leave in a limousine and make festival goers wonder if you are in fact a celebrity guest at the festival. Continue reading “It’s 2016 Music Festival Time!”

Rock Music’s Greatest New Collaboration

Post Pop Depression-Album Cover
Post Pop Depression-Album Cover

Every now and then there is an exciting collaboration in rock n’ roll. When these collaborations involve musicians from multiple generations, they have the potential to be an awkward disaster or a crowd pleaser from fans of all ages. The Iggy Pop/Josh Homme collaboration is luckily the later of the two.


This super group is the latest power team to come from the rock n’ roll world.  Dead Weather bassist Dean Fertita and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders were also featured in the band, bringing more modern rockers together with a punk icon. They have released a couple singles so far from the album they recorded in secret. The collaboration has a sound that goes back to Iggy Pop’s punk roots, with a mix of modern rock influenced by Josh Hommes’ from Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. They will be releasing an LP Post Pop Depression, which will be followed by a 20-date tour. Continue reading “Rock Music’s Greatest New Collaboration”

Keep the Music Alive

Bob Dylan Saturday Evening Post Cover story :http://time.com/3777369/bob-dylan-at-home-by-elliot-landy-woodstock-1968
Music from the past. 1968 picture of Bob Dylan made the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.
(read story on Time .com)

It has been rough being a music fan in the beginning of 2016. Classic rock legends are dying off in what seems to be a rapid succession. So far we have lost legend David Bowie, Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey, and most recently Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kantner. In December 2015 we lost Motörhead founder and front man Lemmy Kilmister and Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Underground front man Scott Weiland. Legends are dying and it’s more important now than ever to keep classic rock music alive. Outside of listening to the vinyl and CDs you already own, there are several ways to keep classic rock alive for generations to come.


Along with music, the written word is a beautiful way to keep memories alive. The amount of biographies, autobiographies, and other works of non-fiction written by and on musicians is vast. If non-fiction is not your taste, many musicians, like Patti Smith and Richard Hell, have published works of poetry. Look for something truly unique, and you can find books explaining lyric meanings. Snatch up autobiographies as they’re released. Many independent bookstores carry autographed first editions that are a great keepsake to pass along to future generations and keep memories alive with a personal touch. Continue reading “Keep the Music Alive”